garpernica: That cute smile just right after your lovely kiss. 很美

haha thanks

rockken: Do you have any poetry you'd like to share?

Stories, yes. But if I want to share it I would just post it on my blog.


I’m going to seriously get back out there.


  1. Cut/change my hair
  2. Get new make up/change make up routine
  3. Feel pretty without make up on
  4. Buy new clothes
  5. Finish writing story about him
  6. Get back out there 👍
handsomeandhorny: Hi sorry for breaking in on your tumblr but you' re just too pretty i had to tell you!

Haha thank you

7threquiem: Cute over 9000! I love your simplicity


blvck7: Holdd-Upp...lemme tilit my head, squint my eyes ,n scrath my forehead..ok,now,how in gods name are yu single??..

Just cause I’m pretty doesn’t mean I have to be in a relationship all the time. I need time to heal when I break up, and I won’t be in a relationship then. Or maybe when I just simply want to be the strong, independent, intelligent woman that I am, so I won’t be in a relationship.

bcx5732978: Wow.., you so pretty n hot


iann-k: So I just stumbled upon your blog... and I've been sitting here listening to your playlist and nodding to the beat of the songs LOL. Bit different to what I'm used to but nice selections nonetheless haha. Great blog too!

Haha thanks